Early Stimulation

Provide boys and girls between four (4) months and three (3) years of age a safe space, warm and cozy atmosphere in which to live the transitional stage between your home and the school in a progressive way learning through experiences that allow you to develop integrally in a nutritional environment, full of opportunities, rewarding, creative and affectionate in close harmony with your family environment.



To promote the integral development of the child.

Ensure that the children feel happy, comfortable, well-adjusted and ready to interact with the world.

Develop the best of their abilities in the fundamental areas: sensoperceptiva, motor (thick and thin), cognitive, language, and socio-emotional by harnessing the full potential that it brings from his conception to develop neurologic functions required for the acquisition of future programming.

To provide parents the security, trust and the peace of mind of knowing you can share with their children in a place conceived as the extension of your own home.

Promote each child experience success and increase their self-esteem, to develop the different aspects of his personality, through the integration of the areas of human development.

Strengthen and maintain the Spanish as a mother tongue in those Spanish-speaking children.

Enter the Spanish as a second language in children of anglo-saxon origin and/or other sources.

Process of adapting

Our center places special emphasis on providing you with both the children and their parents, the opportunity to experience an adaptation quiet, safe and progressive to allow the separation from family ties as a direct consequence and natural within its process of learning and maturation.

Who can be part of the AVILA family all those parents willing to become involved in the process of adaptation of the child, with a desire to participate actively in the development of their capacities to form a large family: teachers, parents, families and children.

Physical Resources and professionals we have an infrastructure adapted to the needs of children, designed for the game, recreation and learning,according to the age and interests of children.

In regard to the professional resources is counted with a staff trained and sensitized in the process of development of each child, accompanied by assistants, all trained according to the ideology of the center.



Early stimulation has become a topic of great interest, not only for professionals but also for parents, who are becoming increasingly interested in the topic, which is making them realize the importance of stimulating your baby from the first months of life.

Until a few years ago to the early stimulation was given a behaviorist approach where the emphasis was on the goals to be achieved the child established on the basis of chronological age, rather than from their level of development.

Considering the early stimulation from a humanistic perspective is defined as a facilitation process of meaningful learning in the early years of life in which the emphasis is on the key behaviors that should achieve the child that allow you to launch the knowledge of himself, of their possibilities and knowledge of their environment.

It should be noted that the child development saves a close relationship between the maturation of the Central Nervous System and the sensory information it receives from the environment. The ripening process is carried out thanks to the stimuli that receives and processes the nervous system that make its structures must change in order to achieve an integration of the different sensory stimuli and thus develop a response that allows the child interact and learn about their environment.

The early stimulation considers two aspects: the physiological basis that refers to the ability of the agency to grow and adapt to the stimulation it receives and an environment that includes the presence of parents, caregivers, physical space, toys, etc. , which exert their effect on the maturation process.

Stimulation is considered the informacion.

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