Early Stimulation

Provide boys and girls between four (4) months and three (3) years of age a safe space, warm and cozy atmosphere in which to live the transitional stage between your home and the school in a progressive way learning through experiences that allow you to develop integrally in a nutritional environment, full of opportunities, rewarding, creative and affectionate in close harmony with your family environment.

Multisensory Stimulation & Babygym

Multi-sensory Stimulation is a relatively new intervention which is closely related to the ideas behind sensory stimulation therapy. The concept originated in the Netherlands in the 1960s, in the field of learning disabilities, and was first described in the UK by Hulsegge & Verheul (1987).

Spanish Classes

Dedicated to the Spanish language in order to develop the child’s conversational skills. Once those skills are mastered, Avila’s Spanish program further strengthens their Spanish knowledge through reading and writing skills so children become perfectly bilingual.


Program oriented to the visual arts that demystifies drawing, painting and sculpting in a logical and analytical way allowing every child to create pieces of art with confidence. This program develops abilities such as fine motor control, sequencing, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning.